Seven doors

There was once a girl, blonde pigtails on her head, white tights, blue dress, and black shoes; that’s how she was clad.

She lived in a big house, with parents, servants, dogs and cats, and even a small mouse.

One day, she was fooling around, she opened every door she saw, counting out them loud.

Behind door one, the were balloons, confetti, a clown, and cookies; it looked like a lot of fun.

Behind door two, sat an old man. He told stories of ancient times, and her excitement for the new grew.

Door three was locked with a key; she imagined a forest, exotic animals, and a huge tree.

Behind door four, the girl had a quick peek. Were there dwarfs playing on the wooden floor?

Behind door five, she took a look but quickly exited the buzzing beehive.

Door number six was closed. She opened it and groaned. Nothing worth seeing, just pile of useless bricks.

Behind door seven, all her fantasies were fulfilled, and she flew straight up to heaven.

But every last dream must end, and it left the blonde girl, smiling, and content.

An adventure needed to be planned to be experienced firsthand. But first, the little girl had to reign over her vast land.

Never forgotten were the seven doors, after her father’s demise she had to fight more important wars.

Years later, the girl was grey and old, but many stories were waiting to be told.

By the fire, her grandchildren listened eagerly, to the fantastic stories of their favourite granny.

And she remembered: “There was once a girl, blonde pigtails on her head, white tights, blue dress and black shoes that’s how she was clad…”

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