Song of the Day

Kate Bush – cloudbusting

From the album “Hounds of Love” (1985, EMI)

Often, I am not a fan of female voices. I like Annie Lennox (all of her), Skin (Skunk Anansie), and Kate Bush. Those are the ones I can name at the top of my head.

Yesterday, I was listening to the album “Hounds of Love,” and this exact same caught my attention, and I had it on repeat a couple of times. Later, I listened to a Podcast, and the first song that was played was this one. I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you?

There it is. I do not intend to post a song every day, but we will see… I don’t follow rules and I don’t plan the blog… It is all very intuitive and improvised and very me. ❤

2 Replies to “Song of the Day”

  1. I don’t know why, but I’ve never really gotten into Kate Bush. I realize she has a totally unique and compelling sound and vocal style, and is adored by millions, but I just haven’t ever been drawn to her. Though I wasn’t previously aware of this song, I do like it. I need to listen to more of her music and see if perhaps I can learn to appreciate it.

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