Song of the day (Tuesday)

This will destroy you – quiet

From the album “Young Mountains” (2006)

Let’s get back to work. Yesterday, I was on Facebook too much; I was nominated for challenges, and against my usual principles, I took part in them all. I just don’t nominate in these things because it is really stupid. I was very social, though, chatted a lot, engaged with readers on Wattpad.

Also yesterday: My album review for Basia Bulat’s upcoming record was published here: At the Barrier

The overall day was “meh” though.

My tea is too hot, and there are 20 more pages to work through for work. The kids are losing their focus for school. For now, we get it back; I notice the little one (who is taller than the middle one) is having a bit of a hard time to work with enough concentration. We will get there again, I am confident, but I understand that this is hard, for the kids, especially. They are missing their friends.

But… We are still here. Not sick. We have tea and music, and distraction. All is well.

Robert wrote about this weird situation here: Robert’s blog, I agree with him. He mentioned people being “at the edge of their thoughts.” I like that line; I wish I had thought of it, because these last days, I am at the edge of my thoughts too.

In my ears right now:

Stay brave. 💜❤

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