things changed in my life – a list:

  1. I made room for routines (getting up at the same time each day)
  2. I have been working out every day – yoga, squats, planks, jumping jacks…
  3. I have been eating healthier (since March 1st… it was a challenge)
  4. less alcohol (part of that challenge)
  5. I made time for music
  6. I began making my own bread (there is one in the oven now)
  7. I discovered overnight oats (they are delicious)
  8. away from the usual responsibilities at work and driving the kids around from here to there, I feel more relaxed
  9. watching less TV (yes, you read that right – less!)
  10. drinking lots of tea and water
  11. I enjoy homeschooling my kids and like spending time with them a lot. (I added this one because I am growing very tired of all the memes of parents being overwhelmed with their kids and only coping with alcohol. Parents who actually spend time with their kids and raised them well will enjoy this time  – it is an exceptional time, and the kids will never forget it, we should make it count.)


Sure, these don’t sound like life-altering things, but for me, they are. In my line of work, getting up every day at the same time is impossible, because of the shifts we work. Some days I need to get up early, and other days I can lie in… Right now, I have the luxury of sleeping longer than usual, but not being lazy either. I have breakfast every day at the same time, I work out every day at the same time… (with the kids, during their homeschooling break). Routines are nice.


Anyway, my bread is done, it looks and smells delicious….

Thank you for your support and your friendship, and at the recommendation of gigglingfattie, I will accept the challenge and write for the AtoZ Challenge in April. I want to step away from my comfort zone a little more often.


Thank you. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. Routines are amazing!! I’m just finishing up my lesson prep days so my afternoons this week will need a different routine but that’s ok! I am exercising more consistently as well. Although had to cut out yoga for a few days while I heel from my tattoo haha

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      1. Hehe yes of course! I’ve spent the healing time doing more work prep than I normally would. After today I will have all two weeks of lessons planned: power points done, scanning done, everything created and ready the students!

        I have noticed I have been sleeping in a lot more than I usually would. Might have to start setting an alarm hehe

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              1. I’m approaching it as if I am their homeschool teacher lol like the parents should just be able to sit their child down, say “this is how you change slides” and walk away. I know parents will be busy working as well. Trying to make it as easy as possible for them.

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              2. I am a passionate parent and I actually like my kids, lol. Makes it easier too. But yes… Teachers are a big help. So, even though you are on the other side of the world, Thank You for your work.

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              3. haha I agree with you that I’m over seeing the “1st day of homeschooling and two students are expelled and one teacher fired” like it’s almost as bad as the “left the husband for an hour, returned home and the children were still alive” posts. UGH

                I wish you all the happiness of spending extended time with your children! They will remember the good times with you! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 xoxo

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