Alphabet Stories – Adam

He gave up running. People were trying to find shelter, but Adam walked on as if the heavy rain hadn’t drenched him to the point where he couldn’t be any wetter. His shoes made a squelching sound, and his trousers were pasted against his skin. It was just one of those days. It had started with shampoo in his eyes and coffee spilled on his tie, it went on with a lost case in court and Mandy breaking up via text message. And now, it was raining, no pouring down on him, and he had forgotten his umbrella in the elevator of his office building. Poor Adam. His emotions went on overdrive, and he began grinning. Then he chuckled, which earned him raised eyebrows from people hurrying past him. He didn’t care. It didn’t matter. If they had had a day like him, they wouldn’t be so quick to judge him. Adam broke out in hysterical laughter. He stood on the sidewalk, bent over, grabbing his knees, laughing. He was going mad. People walked around him, desperate to not look at him. And when he regained composure, he brushed tears from his eyes and straightened himself. If his life hadn’t been this sad, it would almost be funny.

Adam kept walking. He had no destination and no goal, but he kept walking. Once in a while, he laughed while he put one foot in front of the other. Step by step, he kept moving. He saw the beauty of the city in the evening. He smelled the rain and the cars and the scents emanating from the restaurants and bars. Adam’s stomach rumbled, but he ignored it. His feet took him to his final destination.

Adam stood on the bridge and look from left to right. He was invisible. The rain had let up; he shivered from the cold that was seeping into his wet clothes. Was there a way to make his life livable? He was a failure. The thought repeated in his mind. Everything he did hurt someone else. He was weak and obsolete, and maybe the world was a better place without him.

Adam put his briefcase against a lamppost and loosened his tie. He noticed the way the city lights were reflected in the river. It was romantic. Yesterday, he would have taken a picture and send it to Mandy, but things were different now. Adam put his cellphone next to the briefcase and began undoing the laces of his shoes. It was decided. He was going to jump and end his miserable existence. Adam stepped over the railing, took a deep breath – and nothing would ever be the same again.

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