Song of the Day (Tuesday)

solstafir – fjara


This Iclandic band released the album Svatir Sandar in 2011 (Season of Mist). Fjara means Beach. I chose this video over the original, because of the translated lyrics. They are quite poetic in places. I remember that I saw this band live around the time this was released. They were drunk before they got on stage, drank more while they were playing a weird set – as if they were playing together for the first time in ages, and then they staggered off stage. They left a lasting impression.

I hope you are well… I am productive these days and was working a lot on my novel. There are only 34 more pages to edit, but I keep adding paragraphs and noticing plotholes. I have some work to do. And after I am done with that, I need to revise the entire document again, because I am quite sure that there are still many spelling mistakes or missing words left.

big hugs


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