Song of the Day (Monday)

Her Name is Calla – meridian arc


This song is taken from an album called Navigator, released in 2014 via Function Records. You can support these artist via bandcamp, although it needs to be said that the band dismembered in 2019. Very well worth your time, and it is not the first (nor the last) time that I will mention them and share their music.

Meridian Arc is the ring tone on my phone.

So, it is Monday and the first day of a general lock down in Luxembourg. Schools and care facilities are closed, as well as bars, restaurants and anything from gyms to saunas, libraries and museums. It feels weird. Tension is palpable all around.

I admit, my anxiety is rising, and this, although I have been on kind of self-isolation and I have been social distancing since the beginning of the month. My shoulder has kept me away from everything, but it felt more like a choice. This feels a bit like being trapped in my walls, even though we are allowed (and encouraged) to take walks and go out – while keeping 2 metres of distance between us and the next person. It all feels surreal.

Last night, I took a walk. It was dark and quiet. Usually, there are many cars around and I am not living far from the Luxembourgish airport, there is always the backdrop noise of a plane. Yesterday, the silence was eerie. Again, it added to my inner tension. Perhaps, I have seen too many movies with a post-apocalyptic scenario. Our government is asking people to show solidarity with everyone. For now, it seems to be working. I am just wondering if it stays the same in a week or two. Money will become an issue for many (us included) and I guess after a while, everyone will be fighting for themselves. We are navigating towards an economical crisis, and I hope that people who are smarter than me will find a way to come out of it with as less damage as possible. Cathy the pessimist?

The weather is good, the sun is shining. Spring is coming. It is as if nature is waking up and society is going to sleep.

How is the situation developing where you are? How does it make you feel? Personally, I don’t know a person who is infected – or tested positive. How about you? Did you buy in bulk? (I didn’t and it is beginning to enhance my anxiety too, although our prime minster stressed yet again, that there will be no shortage of supplies anytime soon.) What are your plans to navigate this? For me, for now, it is to stay put and follow the rules and recommendations as best as I can.

The future is filled with uncertainty. The only thing that I am sure of is, that after Corona, nothing will ever be the same.


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