Friday 13th

Once Corona is done with us, we will all be fat from eating only pasta and watching Netflix, and we will be clad in toilet paper because we were bored during our (self-imposed-)quarantine.

All jokes aside, in Luxembourg, the government decided to close schools and nurseries and cancel every other activity for kids for two weeks or until further notice. This doesn’t mean that the kids don’t have to learn, because they all got schedules and homework. With email and WhatsApp groups, the kids and teachers and parents will be in touch and work together. Like a home office. Visits at the hospital or care homes are forbidden. Most concerts or theaters or different cultural events are canceled… Until the end of March (for now). And even though supermarkets will not be out of stock anytime soon, people are hoarding and emptying shelves. Funnily, I saw a pic of the ‘beverage’ department. It was empty, apart from the Corona beer. People are stupid.

I am not downplaying this pandemic, but I do think that if people were less selfish and egocentric, there would be enough for everyone. Instead, people are buying huge piles of soap or toilet paper, and those who need some are left empty-handed. Also… We are told to wash our hands and watch our hygiene, how can we do that when there is no soap left because one person bought so much it will last them for years? And… Is it news that we should wash our hands regularly with soap? I mean, isn’t that common knowledge? Will a bar of soap be worth more than a bar of gold in the near future?

In times like this, it becomes clear that we are selfish and greedy, and we lose all sense of kindness and humanity. Compassion is sparse as it is in today’s society; let’s not erase and forget this virtue in the wake of a virus infection that will probably affect many many people. (I wrote 70% of the world population, but that’s not a fact I checked.)

Stepping off my…?! Hm… I didn’t buy any soap and only have 9 rolls of toilet paper left!

Stepping off my plush carpet.

Be safe, be kind. Stay healthy, and take good care of you and yours.


PS: And as I am sitting here on my bed, checking this post for mistakes, I look outside the window and see a big and bright rainbow (and a more faint one right next to it). There is beauty and all of this. Seek for it.

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