Luxembourg is a country with many traditions, some are religious, others are pagan.

Every first Sunday in lent, we have a special celebration. We call it “Buergbrennen ” or “Buergsonnden”. It used to be a derivation of the Latin word “comburere” (burning).

It is a pagan tradition with which we burn winter and chase evil ghosts away, and invite spring to come and awake nature. Kind of, asking for nature to bring new food and resources.

Traditionally, a big pile of wood with a cross on top is burnt. It is set on fire by the couple that married last in the respective municipality. Or, as it is here… The people who worked hard make some kind if explosion or fireworks to burn it all.

Where I am living, a kind of competition started a while ago and everything became bigger and larger, year after year. It takes at least two weeks to built the “Buerg” (castle). And once the construction is set ablaze, it will burn for hours. And can be seen from far away.

It is actually very beautiful to see. And cozy and warm. Lots of people attend, regardless of the weather. There is food and drinks and music. Lots of joy and happiness, and that big big fire.

This year, I am watching it from my window. The flames are high, even after burning for an hour. I can smell the fire too. I decided against going there because of my shoulder. I can’t be on my feet for that long.

It is definitely something tourists should see. 🙂

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