More about me… 16 facts

  • I love watching Snooker on TV
  • I roll the dice with my left hand
  • No alcohol in March
  • Since November I haven’t been at work for an entire month. I was either on sick leave or on vacation
  • I am confident about the quality of my writing
  • I am insecure about the quality of my writing
  • Went to therapy for a couple of sessions, but stopped. I don’t think the way my counselor was is beneficial to me and my healing
  • I am looking forward to the very probable surgery of my shoulder in summer, because it means that my pain will be gone
  • I enjoy my job and my colleagues these days, although I am not there a lot
  • I feel guilty for being in pain and asking for help
  • I have one Wattpad account. I share my novels there. They are read a lot these days and it is embarrassing. They need editing.
  • I watched ‘Fleabag’ on Amazon Prime in one day
  • My kids don’t need me anymore during the day – it gives me freedom to indulge in music, books, and watching Netflix or TV
  • I like sleeping a lot. And sleeping in.
  • Did you have a look at my Instagram?
  • I am in a lot of pain, but I am also in a good mindset these days
  • 16 facts for now… I hope they were more or less new.

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