Can we pretend?

In and out of the cage

I am taking pictures with my phone all the time. I see a weird pattern, or something beautiful, something unusual, or something that could have a deeper meaning, and I snap a picture. (Often from odd angles – ordinary things turn into something new in that way.) Some of these pictures are posted on Instagram (@micqu_1); most of them are on my phone for months before I delete them.

I don’t want to say that this is art; in fact, it is pretentious (and embarrassing). I was told that my view of the world is unique; maybe it is. I pay attention, that much is true. I often tell my kids to open their eyes and look at the world and see it. I want them to see the beauty in everyone and everything, but I also want them to be happy (just like me) when they see little random things that are a little less ordinary on second glance.

I can’t draw. Not even a little.

I can write, when the mood strikes.

I listen. To people and to music; to the sounds of life.

I take pictures. Random. Of this and that.

Am I qualified to do any of these things? Who cares?! As long as I enjoy doing it, and I do.

So, if you want to take a look at my Instagram account, do. Please. Maybe you’ll see something pleasant and new.

I had a good day. Lots of pain, and I am not allowed to take any painkillers right now, but a good day nonetheless. Next week, I will be on sick leave again. Again! It is frustrating, but if it helps, it helps. Lol. I love my job, though. And the colleagues too.

Have a great night. (I was already asleep, but woke up and didn’t go back yet… Impulsively, I wrote this post – and share it…)

Lots of love


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