soon there will be a butterfly

I bled and bowed to the invisible thieves hiding in the shadows.

I weaved a million thoughts into wings.

But as I neared the light, my safety failed me. I faded.

Once, I was a fighting lioness, covered in battle wounds.

Now I am what the past spit out, with too much rain behind my eyes.

If I were who I was, I would have never met me in your eyes.

I don’t look behind. I carry you under my skin.

A tattoo on my chest reminding me that it is time to breathe.

I am drowning to swim. I am buried to grow.

Slowly, I am uncovering the lies in my head.

Cravings are turning me from black into grey.

Where else should I run? Out of breath, out of reasons to stay alive.

But somewhere deep inside, I know the inescapable truth.

And as I am trying to catch my breath, my wounds stop bleeding, my head straightens.

Empty. There is nothing left to give to anyone else. I need to feed myself first.

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