Moments in me

I was lost

I was found

I ran

I hid

I thought

I screamed

I fought

I lost.


But I was love

And I was not

I was light

And I was dark

I died several times

Was born again often too

I was there for everyone

until my essence faded into them

And I was empty

But, I was love.


Now I am here looking at my reflection in the mirror

And I wonder, will you love me when I am myself?

Is my home in my heart and in my eyes?

Is my soul free or am I forever hunted by the past?

I breathe the salt of my tears and write invisible lovesongs to my future self.


I am lost, but I am love. I am heaven and I am earth. I am dreaming and I am awake. I am all and I am nothing. Moments in me.

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