International Mother Language Day

Moien, mäin Numm ass Cathy, an et freet mech dat dir all Daach hei op Besuch kommt. Meng Mammesprooch ass eng zimmlech kommesch, matt aussergewéihnlechen Lauten an Téin, an se ass och net weit verbreed (+/- 500 000 Leit schwätzen lëtzebuergeg – weltweit).

Mir hunn mol keng eenheetlech Grammaire- an Orthographie Regelen fir ze schreiwen. An awer, ech sinn houfreg op meng Hierkunft an op meng Sprooch.

Wéi ass dat bei ierch? Wat ass är Mammesprooch?


Hello, my name is Cathy, and I am happy that you visit this site daily. My native language sounds weird with unusual sounds and pronunciations, and it is not very known. (+/- 500 000 people speak Luxembourgish – worldwide).

We don’t even have grammar or orthography rules that we apply when writing. And yet, I am proud of my heritage and of my language.

How about you? What is your native language?


7 thoughts on “International Mother Language Day

  1. My native language is English! And I know from my students asking that there are over a million different words but only approximately 170,000 English words currently in use. Pretty neat! I hate the grammar and find it so difficult to teach and my own use of it is super horrible BUT I am an excellent peer editor and can find many flaws in the writing of others lol

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        1. To be honest, it adds to the appeal of personal blogs. I for one write impulsive posts. There is seldom any time between writing and posting. Though I use spell checker and Grammarly to reduce spelling mistakes. Doesn’t always help though. 🙈😄

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            1. I forget what I write all the time. Even with my poems (which are very short…). It is as if once a thought is released, it is free to roam around for a while before it comes back to me.

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