It’s my birthday… Bring music and cake. ☺

Last night, I had dinner with a colleague from work at a man’s house. It was a bit of a blind date. Not the romantic kind, but we didn’t know each other well. In the end, he made us dinner from scratch (it was delicious), we had some awesome wine, and his choice of music was brilliant (right up my alley). A little before midnight, I excused myself to the restrooms (I wanted to reply to a message that had taken me by surprise 😟). When I came back to the living area, Happy Birthday was playing (the Stevie Wonder version), and they had improvised a cake. Including a candle. A first for me. I have never celebrated like this, but it was very nice. It was a great evening.

At home, I couldn’t sleep. I am not all that well – emotionally. I wonder why I am not loveable. It doesn’t really matter, yet it does.

Anyway, bring music and cake, and tell me something nice. 😘😘😘

Lots of love, Cathy

PS: in case of emergency:

11 thoughts on “08/02

  1. Happy birthday!! WOOHOOO Birthdays are the best! Don’t think you are not lovable, look at what happened just one night ago! That is some awesome showing of love right there 🙂
    Enjoy your day and remember that you are a goddess!

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