I was found in your simplicity — the melody of your words, reflecting my sorrows. I was drowning in my self. But I was found. By you. In our dreams.

And you appeared when I had not been looking for you. Embraced my silent soul. Saved the remains of my heart. Gave my mind a voice. Your voice. Our voice.

I was found in your serenity. Your calm fed me the answers. My flaws filled your holes. And the imperfection gave me wings. You. Us. We drifted away.

I feel you on my skin, the touch so gentle, yet so strong. It leaves traces of you, of us – within. I cannot wash you off; it is where you belong. You. Me. Us.

I was found in your everything. All of me poured into all of you. Parts of you became parts of me. An explosion – covered in the essence of you. Of me. Of us.

Time ran fast, and it almost stood still. More of the same, again and again. Not boring – our lives. A lost song. A lost love. A lost me. Found. In you. In us.

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