Not this… (Thoughts/ramble)

I used to be a writer… I wrote 13(!) romance novels. They can be read for free on a site called Wattpad. They are about same-sex couples and are unedited.

I used to be a poet… I published 2 books and countless poems on this site. I haven’t written a good poem in a while.

I used to write short stories. Touching words.

These days, I am only whining about the pain in my shoulder. About my fragile state of mind.

I am not sure why I can’t write anymore. I am trying. I am trying to find routines. I am trying to be inspired through music (which always worked before). I read a lot. I even tried working with prompts. I want to write, but nothing with value fills my pages. And I don’t want to pressure myself, but I wonder: if I don’t write, what am I doing here?!

I don’t want to waste space and time. But I am. I am melodramatic again, sorry.

Just take a look at the short stories category… There are some touching gems in there.

I am sad. Tired. In pain. Exhausted…

Sorry about this.

4 thoughts on “Not this… (Thoughts/ramble)

  1. Don’t be sorry about where your life is taking you. It needs to happen organically or you’ll feel like you’re putting on a show. Let the words come and go as they need to, and eventually, you’ll get back to them.

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    1. I used to be very productive… And I used to be good with words. English is not my first or second language… I find it hard to find words these days. (It’s even worse in my native language. I can’t write in Luxembourgish at all)

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      1. First of all, I never knew the word Luxembourgish existed so thank you for making my day amazing!!!

        And also, it happens. I used to post literally every day! I could write 1,500 words in 30 mins and post it. Poof no problem. Now I struggle to find motivation to write 100 words once a week. It’s insane. But it’s also just the ebb and flow of the creative mind I think. Don’t be so hard on yourself ☺️ it’s ok!

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