Answers, finally

Some of you know this, I have been in pain for months. My shoulder and neck left me in a lot of physical pain, and they were also part of the reason for the many migraines I suffered. I went from my General Practitioner to a Physiotherapist, to an Internist who sent me to a Physiotherapist (again) and to get acupuncture treatment. From there (the acupuncturist) I made an appointment with a psychiatrist because I had a break down after my first session and crying, I told him everything that was wrong. And then, there was one week when everything was good and okay. Until I played with the kids at work (I work at a nursery with babies and toddlers) and hurt my shoulder again.

So… Last Monday, I went to an orthopedic specialist because I needed answers and healing. I had high hopes for that appointment. I walked in, and already, I felt belittled. The way she looked at me as if I was pretending. I told her where it hurt and the movements that hurt most, but she didn’t listen. She pushed one part of my shoulder, I winced, and she diagnosed that I had torn my chest muscle. I wanted to ask questions, but all she said was to move the arm as much as possible and to do something about my weight. (I am overweight, I know that, thank you.) She did not perform any other tests. I was crushed and angry. But I am no doctor, and although I was not happy, I was inclined to believe her.

On Tuesday, I went back to my Physiotherapist. I entered his rooms, and I didn’t even need to say anything: “you are in pain,” he said, and I told him about the appointment the day before. He lifted my arm, turned it this way and that and then he said: “she is wrong!” And he urged me to see another specialist. By chance and luck, I got an appointment for the next day early in the morning.

Wednesday, I was very nervous. I was worried about the outcome of the appointment. What if this doctor couldn’t find anything, either? I did not imagine things. I was in real pain.

This doctor (young and enthusiastic) began by asking lots and lots of questions. He wanted to know everything and anything and took notes the entire time. Then we moved to another examination room where he wanted to give my shoulder an ultrasound scan. But first, he asked me to turn my arms this way and that way, up, down, push this way, push that way. He took note of everything. And then the scan began and immediately it was visible on the screen… I have bursitis of the shoulder and slight arthritis too. He performed more tests during which I had to moved this way and that.

Back at his office, he explained everything in detail and showed me on a model why it hurts so much. He ordered strict rest for the arm. I told him about the other doctor, and he was not happy that she had not done her job the way she was supposed to.

So now, I am still in pain, and I still have to get an MRI and X-rays, but I have medication and finally an answer…

I have had migraines since I started my job in January 2017. The problems with the shoulder began in October 2019… 3 months of constant pain, and during that time, the inflammation grew and grew.

This is what we are looking at

I feel very alone, to be honest. My kids are making fun of me, and my husband keeps saying that I am missing time at work, and he does not understand that I am in pain. Or at least it feels that way.

We will see what the future brings. Today, I started my new treatment, and hopefully, this neverending story is ending now.

Thank you for everything.


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  1. I’m sorry about your pain and the ordeal you are going through. I hope you get some more support from your family, and that the medical treatment produces positive results. Hang in there!

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