I took a short walk today…


It was very cold, and the sun slowly began setting behind the trees. My breath froze in the air, but the sun warmed my face. I looked up and smiled before I took a couple of photos to immortalize this moment. People tend to dismiss these moments or ridicule me for taking precisely the picture I want to take at that moment. They don’t know (and/or aren’t interested in my emotions or the feelings and thoughts I had when I took a particular photo.) I like to look at those pictures on my phone and remember those moments. I am a part of this beautiful earth.

And then I came home and saw a couple of text messages that left me in tears. I am sensitive. Emotional. That is just a part of me. And yet… I am afraid that people who meet me might think that I am cold and distant.

Life is confusing. Thoughts are confusing. Relationships are confusing.


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