Falling instead of flying

And my feathers were pulled from my wings

“I am not well,” I thought the moment I was drawn into the wind

I was bleeding and crying and hurting and writhing in pain

But my saviour was gone. Discarded. Alone. Going insane.

I fell into the darkest, deepest waves

Lost all strength and will to be brave.

Breaking. Broken. Understanding still,

I lost my ability to fly – and once again, I bowed down to your will.

There was no way to come back from this despair

Love, it seems, is never fair.

And I wanted to yell and to beg for you to come back,

Until I realised, it doesn’t matter. I was damaged goods. A wreck.

No one will ever see the shining beauty I once was

Destroyed by too many lost battles. Covered in scars.

My feathers rained down on you and filled the ocean

And I died once again in an explosion of emotion.

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