Last Tuesday, I fell while I was at work. I was outside with the kids and slipped on a piece of ice. My feet flew away in front of me, and I landed on my left hip, supporting myself with my right arm – the one with the hurt shoulder.

I thought I had not hurt myself because at first, there was no pain. But the pain came on Wednesday, and my hip still hurts today. There is no bruise and nothing visible, but sitting and lying hurts, as well as driving my car.

So… On Monday, I will visit my doctor again to make sure that there is no real damage.

Honestly, I am done with 2019. The last part of the year is a huge pain in the – hip. And shoulder. And I have the flu too.

Buy my book… So that I can afford the doctor!

(I can afford it, no worries, my country has a safe health system, and I have a steady monthly income.)

An online friend often shares his PayPal address on Twitter, asking people to buy him coffee. I admit, I often do. But I would not do it myself. 🙂

I just simply like to give.

In other news, next Monday, I will bring 4 copies of Drowning in a Sea of Voices to the post office. Two copies go to the UK (one to London and one to Wales), two copies will go to the US (Arkansas and Texas)

Anyway… Enough about me. Tell me about you! How are you, what is happening with you.?

Update: just one hour later… I was watching a movie with the kids (Ferdinand) and I was laughing a lot. Seems I did hurt a rip, because laughing out loud hurt. 😞 I guess, I am off to the ER in the morning)

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