Chaotic Parenting

I am a proud parent but we are often a chaotic bunch at my home. So… My daughter has been taking ballet lessons for five years, and she is doing very well. Usually, the parents are not allowed to be at the training sessions – with the exception of one session just before winter break. That session was today.

I was working all day, but I saw the kids off to school today. Amalia had her backpack and her bag with the ballet gear. Then, when I rushed from work to her lesson – 15 minutes late because I couldn’t get off work early, I got in and saw my princess in jeans and an oversized sweater that used to belong to my son.

But you know what? Even in jeans, she was the most graceful dancer in the room. And I am not saying that because I am so proud of her as a parent, but she is really awesome. Her muscle tone and her posture… Even her teacher came up to me after the lesson to tell me that Amalia is very talented and that it was okay that she forgot her stuff because even wearing this her beauty was visible. I almost cried.

Small fact I didn’t mention, Giulia and Amalia switched socks because Amalia never wears matching socks but she was aware that ballet needs more discipline and Giulia was wearing matching socks today. 🙈 Sisterly love. I am so proud of them. And even though Amalia was not dressed for her class she gave it her all. And she was beautiful ❤

Somehow, after the class, Amalia thought I would be furious, but I would never be. I never get angry at things like that. I am just a very chaotic parent sometimes. 😄


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