Today, a work colleague asked about my new book: Drowning in a Sea of Voices. She asked about when and how I write and what inspires me. To be honest, I am always a bit taken aback by questions like this, and I will not pretend otherwise; I am shy and embarrassed by it.

She asked if I write a lot and every day, and I said yes. Because I do, she asked if I wrote about work and I denied… My poetry is not about work, lol, that’s not something that drowns me from the inside. The poems I write rhyme once in a while, that impressed her, and that I am writing in English got to her even more. Also, the process of self-publishing seemed to be quite intriguing; I tried to explain some of it, but since she does not know computers or editing, I sound like the local geek.

It embarrasses me to talk about my writing; at the same time, I am very proud; I write great stuff.

So… Buy a copy of my book… My Author copies arrived yesterday, I will he able to send individual copies all around the globe. ❤

Buy my book and leave reviews please, I would mean the world to me. Seriously.

Thank you. ❤

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