Today, I spent close to 8 hours in an uncomfortable chair, with my eyes glued to my laptop. I had the sudden urge and idea to publish a collection of my existing poetry as a paperback.

You know that I was toying with the thought for a while now, but too be honest, it is a lot of work. Even though I was using the exact same document that I used for Unquiet Minds (which was already mostly formatted), I was still a lot of work. But well worth it, if I may say so myself.

The new collection is called

Drowning in a Sea of Voices, and it will be live in approximately 3 days on the usual Amazon platforms.

I already added a button to the blog, this way you can buy your copy directly from me. It is a bit more expensive, but shipping and handling is included, as well as a dedication and/or handwritten note too.

It is 2:26 in the morning. I should sleep, but I am a little too excited.

Get in touch if you want to preorder your copy.


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