World Aids Day

December 1st is World Aids Day. The virus is still there, and it is still spreading. We cannot and should not ignore it, and we need to teach our kids that although people can live with the virus, it is still a potentially deadly disease.

Luxembourg has a population of circa 605000 citizens. 1176 people are living with the virus, according to a recent study. The number of unrecorded or undiscovered cases is a lot higher.

I used to write short stories for World Aids Day every year, but I haven’t done it last year and this year I quite simply was uninspired.

However, a couple of years ago, I wrote a novel length story with a main character who is infected with the HI-virus.

Below is the link for the first draft. The first chapter is very graphic, but it does in no way set the tone for the rest of the story.

It’s an external link that will bring you to the story on You can read for free – though I am not sure if you have to register or not. Well, I hope this didn’t put you off. If you read it, please don’t spare the feedback.

every second, forever.

Good night.


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