Song of the day (Sunday)

John Mayer – I guess I just feel like

Sometimes I wonder how unpredictable the music I share is for you. There is no red threat; there is no genre or style. There is just music that triggers memories, and that has meaning. In the past, listening to music that is less mainstream often had the connotation of being heavy and loud.

I like guitar riffs. I like double bass. I like bass lines. I like droning sounds. But I also like piano. I like violins. I like lyrics. I like that there is music for every mood, and it is just a coincidence that most music I like is not that well known. But does it matter? It doesn’t. For me, people who say that nowadays there is no good music, they don’t listen; they don’t explore; and they should.

I like music that makes me feel. And that can come in many shapes and forms. I am not limited to one band or one genre. I am selective. Very much so.


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