no charity

  • I always give a little something if it says “Pay What You Want.” For music, I often give $1 for each song and 1 on top.
  • sometime in the summer of 2019, I bought a shirt for a total stranger. Just because it felt the right thing to do – it wasn’t charity or pity. I didn’t ask for anything in return, apart that they would pay it forward when they could. We have not been in touch since they received the shirt in the mail, and I have no desire/need/want to be. I am just not a part of their life and I am not a part of theirs.
  • That was not the first time I bought something for a stranger
  • I always have some spare change for buskers (or beggars)
  • If there is the possibility to buy music/merch/books/art from the artist themselves, I do. Cuts the middleman fees and I know that they are paid the price they set. (which is often not nearly enough)
  • Being supportive and kind doesn’t cost a thing.
  • Money doesn’t mean a lot to me. It should though, because I live on a tight monthly budget.
  • And one for the road: I used to buy used books on Amazon for cheap. I like the thought of reading a book that has some kind of history, dog-eared, with thoughts scribbled in the margin or underlinings or highlights. That changed when I bought a book with a bit too much history and suspicious thumbprints and other mysterious brown stains. My OCD got the best of me that day.


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