In need

Gert Taberner – in need

Look at this?! Aren’t you spoiled? Two songs in one day? Well, I think you should listen to this one. It is really good, even though it sounds familiar.

My day: I stayed in bed until noon. Moved to the couch with my book but eventually watched reruns of Little House on the Prairie and ate some oatmeal for lunch. Then I moved to the bathtub, and I soaked there for a long while, watching Friends on Netflix.

I put some effort into my hygiene today; I shaved my legs, lol. Too much information? Yeah, maybe. I also straightened my hair and put on some make-up, not a lot, though. I got dressed in real pants – jeans as opposed to sweatpants, and a cute top. I am wearing my favourite underwear too… Somehow all these little things felt important today. I feel like shit, to be honest. It’s as if I have been defeated, and the darkness claims me right now. I am swallowed, and I am drowning. I am trying to fight and to swim, but I am tired. Too tired. I am not who I was. And all I think I am could be a lie. What if I am not the empathetic and kind person I want to believe I am? What if I am cold and rude? And I just forgot?

The quality of the picture sucks… It’s grainy

IAMX – insomnia

I like the lyrics of this song. Well worth a listen too.

I hope you are well. I wish I could give out hugs from here to there… Not that I want to be touched right now, but is there a better thing than being pulled into a hug so tight that a part of you and the other one become one? The scent of a person you like?



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