I am a bit of an odd parent. I am very open to everything. I am not a fan of telling the kids lies as answers to their questions, just because I don’t know the real answer. I am an honest parent. I am sometimes challenging, too, because I want the kids to think for themselves and to make up their minds — all with me at their side.

The following is a conversation that happened between my daughter, Amalia (9 years old), and me.

We were watching a show on German TV, called First Dates. In this show, strangers meet for dinner, and after that dinner, a blind date, they decide if they want a second date without cameras or not.

One man was there, explaining that he was looking for another man.

A: is he looking for a friend, or does he want to fall in love like a woman?

Me: he is looking for a man to fall in love with. Do you think that is weird?

A: no, not really, but they will never have kids or be married, and how can they fall in love?

Me: well, you know, people fall in love regardless of their gender. In the past, it was true that two people of the same gender weren’t allowed to marry or to have children, but that has changed.

A: ok. I hope they will have a second date. They look like they are good together.

Me: so…? Not weird anymore? All good? More questions?

A: no. All good. But mom?

Me: yes?

A: I think I want to marry a man and not a woman.

I just smiled, and we kept watching TV in silence.

Conversations like this should be normal, I think. Although I know that I am very liberal, I want my kids to feel safe with me, and I am trying to be the least judgmental around them that I can be.

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