Song of the day (Sunday)

This morning…

Today, I woke up, and the same way I did these last days, I took stock of my body and of my pain levels. They were okay. Not inexistent, but not crippling either. I took a bath, because I love taking baths and reading and after that, (I got dressed, of course), and organised everything for my daughter’s birthday party. I had to push some of my pride aside when I noticed that I wasn’t able to get it all done on my own and I had to ask my son for help. Either way, when I went down to the living room, the sun was shining through the large windows and the morning dew was glittering in the sun. I decided to take a picture, and the above is the result. I am surprised that I am able to take pictures like that 🙂 It is really quite beautiful.

Our Ceasing Voice and Matthew Ryan – until our chest explodes

Our Ceasing Voice is an Austrian postrock band, and Matthew Ryan is a singer/songwriter from Tennessee. I don’t know how these two found their way together, but for me it works.

I like both acts on their own too.

I hope you had a good day,


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