Song of the Day (Tuesday)

Jonathan Jeremiah – mountain

Fact about me: I can’t whistle.

So… I am still on sick leave, and my pain killers are the real deal. I never took anything this strong in my life, and they really knock me out sideways. On the other hand, I am also very creative these days. I wonder if it goes hand in hand.

I shared some poetry on here yesterday, and I cross-posted some on Wattpad. One poem was published on IG, and a colleague from work saw it. I had a guilty conscience that she has to work, and I am at home relaxing and doing the thinks I want and like. Even though “relaxing” is a doctor’s order. It feels weird and forbidden to be home and not having a fever or stuffed nose or whatever. I am just having some pain in my shoulder and neck. (Granted, a lot of pain… And yet… and yet…)

I will keep relaxing and trying to be less stressed, at least for this week, when I don’t have to work.

Right now, I am sipping tea and watching reruns of Diagnosis Murder. I am writing and reading and doing not much at all. đź’ś

Lots of love,


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