Song of the Day (Monday)

Paul Weller – you do something to me

A bit of a sensual song today. I like it. Makes me feel sexy, lol

For those interested… I went to the doctor’s again. She prescribed another kind of drugs (and they work, strong though), and physiotherapy. Another week of sick leave for me. I have to relax and take it slow. Everything else comes with time, hopefully.

I am a bit concerned though that I will die of boredom. How very melodramatic, right? Right now, my pain has subsided and in two hours I am allowed to take the next pill.

For me, it is hard to sit still and do nothing when I feel okay – at the same time it is important to sit still and relax in order to not only feel okay, but also be okay.

Plans for today: reading unless the head hurts, and enjoying my hemp tea and the silence and quiet surrounding me.



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