Song of the Day (Sunday)

Snow Patrol – make this go on forever.

I love this song for various reasons. One of them is that it makes me cry. Another one is that I like the arrangement and the lyrics.

Simple as that.

The day was streaky. We had guests today, and that was nice, but I am in so much pain these days. The headaches won’t stop, and it makes me worry. I made the mistake of googling my symptoms. Now I have a brain tumor or meningitis, and I will probably suffer a stroke very soon. Either way, I will die – according to doctor Google.

No, but honestly, the pain won’t go away, and tonight, I even broke down crying because of it, and I rarely cry because of physical pain.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day again.

Lots of love,


4 thoughts on “Song of the Day (Sunday)

    1. Yes, but they can’t do much. Apparently, it is the stress and the muscles in my neck are too tense… I should relax and it will go away on its own although i am allowed to take painkillers.

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