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You fell asleep with your head in my lap. I didn’t notice it at first as I was distracted, my hand kept petting your hair, and my eyes were glued to the movie playing on the silver screen; but now your breathing was even, and your limbs were slack, and I knew you had drifted off. I watched as your breath was pushed out between your lips in short puffs. The day had been long and draining for you. I knew it. I just wanted to be there when the waves would inevitably crash over you. In the past, I hadn’t been there. It had not been by choice, but by circumstance. Right now, I was there, and I held you. I held you through your tears and doubts; I listened to your words and your thoughts that went from here to there in a matter of seconds. And I let you ramble about your ex. She had hurt you so much, and I wanted to hate her, but without her, I would not have met you.
There was a frown on your face, and I was tempted to ease it away with my fingers, but I didn’t want to wake you up. You mumbled something I couldn’t understand, and then you moaned as if you were hurt. Your body was tense, but I felt that you were still asleep, and you started crying silent tears. My heart broke for you at this moment. Seeing you fragile, broken, vulnerable. And I fell even more in love with you.
Depression was a liar, and we both suffered from it. It was hard work some days. While you needed solitude and just vanished to be alone with your mind, I needed someone to catch me and reassure me. Our needs clashed together, and more than once, it had almost been the end of us.
But there was an undeniable connection between us. Something deep and meaningful. I was not ready to give up on you and our love, and I refused to let you run away.
With a start, you woke up and sat up straight. You were rubbing your eyes and looking around the room, still disoriented from your sleep. “Did I snore?” you asked, and I answered with a smile. Teasing you about it. “Sorry, ” you apologised.
I shivered, missing your weight and your heat against my body. I couldn’t read if you needed space and were ready to bolt, or if it was okay for me to touch you. Tentatively, I ran my hand over your bearded cheek. You closed your eyes and pushed against my palm, kissing it, sucking on my pulse.
I gasped. An innocent gesture that made my blood boil. That was your superpower.
You looked straight into my eyes, and I was surprised to see the carnal desire shining from yours. I didn’t have much time to react or overthink before you pinned me against the sofa. I tried to wriggle free, but I just landed on the floor with you on top of me. You raised my arms above my head and removed my shirt from my torso; you didn’t take it off, you let it trap my hands, and I understood. You couldn’t stand to be touched tonight, and it was okay. I was yours to use. You kissed my neck, and I spread my legs. I was reacting to you. Your mouth moved down my chest, biting my breast and sucking my nipples. My back arched, the heat spread inside me and pooled at my centre. I was aching for your touch. You continued kissing your way down, encouraged by my moans and groans. You yanked my pants down, taking my panties with them. Immediately, your mouth attacked my pussy, and I was just moments away from exploding in your mouth. In the past, I had been quiet in bed, almost silent, but I had to vocalise all the pleasure you gave me. Your tongue kept assaulting my wet slit, carefully avoiding my clit. I was so close, and yet, you denied me my release. It was frustrating. You bit my thigh, and I yelped. You chuckled and took a moment to shrug out of your sweatpants. You teased my throbbing clit with the tip of your cock, driving me insane. I had to close my eyes; I couldn’t take it anymore. Writhing under your weight, you pushed your cock into my pussy, and I moaned loudly. You didn’t move, you just bent over and kissed me. I tasted my arousal on your tongue. I tried to get you to move by trying to move my hips, but you didn’t budge. Instead, you took my head in your hands and kissed the tip of my nose. Our sweat made our bodies stick together. I felt your cock jerk in my pussy and squeezed in return. You grinned, and I smiled back. You began pulling out, and I moaned deeply. You pushed in forcefully, and I loved it. It was a mix between fucking and making love. Passion. Connection. Being present. Once again, I was overwhelmed with how much I trusted you, and how much I loved you. I was lost in you. I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes. You were too near. I was too naked. But you didn’t allow me to hide. “Look at me, ” you ordered, and I did. You licked my lips, and to my own surprise, that innocent gesture made me cum. My body trembled and pulsed around yours; I was not in control anymore. The heat was almost too much to bear, and the slickness from my orgasm made you fuck me faster and harder. I pulled my legs up and allowed you to go even deeper. It was an exquisite pleasure.
I saw it on your face before I felt it inside. I saw the exact moment when you couldn’t hold back any longer. You closed your eyes; a strain was etched on your face. Everything went rigid, and I wanted nothing more than to hold you and to touch you; to catch you. But my arms were still trapped above my head. I felt every spurt of semen inside of me. I was marked as yours. All yours. And I didn’t want it any other way. The world had to wait for us because we were too busy falling madly and deeply in love.
You released my arms, and finally, I was allowed to feel your skin beneath my fingertips. I felt an explosion of emotions wash over me as I realised that I had never felt this intensely for anyone. It should have scared me, but this was you, and you made me feel safe. I giggled. It was a pleasant sound that broke the sexual tension.
Exhaustion claimed us both as we yawned in unison. You rolled off me and reached for a blanket at lay on the sofa. With my head on your chest, skin on skin, I fell asleep, thinking about how much I loved you and that it was okay – I was not scared. ❤

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