My materialistic side

So… Please take this post with a grin. I am not trying any tricks, I just meant to share.

I need a less flashy watch. Usually, I am wearing a bright yellow watch. It’s a Casio G-Shock. As seen on this picture (here with my little angel Giulia)

I was browsing Amazon and then I saw it. The watch I want. I showed it to my husband and he does not like it at all. Too dark. Too square. Too “special”. But I admit, until I saw the price, I had a bit of a crush.

It would look super fine sitting on my wrist.

Bering wrist watch

Either way… A woman can dream, right? And unless all of you regulars by my book – unquiet minds now, this gem will stay at the store.

My poetry collection is available as paperback and ebook on Amazon (worldwide) and here on the blog too. (I know that Amazon doesn’t sell my paperback in Australia, I do!)

Just get in touch and we will make it happen.

Lots of shallow and deep love


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