Song of the Day (Thursday)

Sunrise Avenue – Forever Yours (acoustic version)

This is the album version

And the nightliner mix

Three completely different versions of this song. One for every mood, I guess; because, I kind of like them all three. But best is seeing this band live. Sunrise Avenue are a Finnish Rockband and their front man, Samu Haber, is very charismatic. When I saw a picture of him for the first time, I couldn’t believe that he could have such an extraordinary voice.

Well… I like the lyrics of this song

Especially this part (which is actually the beginning)

There are times I can leave my heart wide open
There are days I believe I can heal wounds on me
There are times I could come to you and hurt you
I could easily bring you tears
I could send you to hell, I know you
I will find something more
Someone I am made for



Thank you for going through the ups and downs with me.


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