Dear mind…

Dear mind,

Be kind today. These last days were a mix of overflowing emotions that went sky high or drowned me in the deepest darkest abyss. I need to keep up appearances. I need to seem strong. Please, dear mind, let me get through work without suppressing tears. I cannot deal with that again.

And why are you such a liar anyway? And why do you want me to believe all these intense things?

I need to find my way home, a way into myself, but I can’t see the way, and there are no lights. The ones that were there are not bright anymore. Flickering far away. Telling me that they trust and love, and then they go out, and I can’t find a way.

Please, dear mind, be kind. Stop implying that they are better off without me or that they are better off alone.

Push, pull. Oh, my heart, oh my mind. Too much inner turmoil.

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