10yr old girl 1 had many mosquito bites and put ointment on them… Two days later, 8yr old girl 2 has been bitten too. She asks girl 1 for the ointment. Girl 1 refuses; instead, she wants to put it on girl 2’s bites. Girl 2 refuses. (the cream was stored in the bathroom)

Girl 2: I am not a baby anymore. I can do this on my own.

Girl 1: be reasonable. I can do it and I will.

Girl 2: You will not touch me unless I allow it. Now, hand me the cream.

Girl 1: you will take too much and waste it.

Girl 2: I told you, I am not a baby, I know what I am doing, and I am an independent woman. Now stop pestering, hand me the cream, and leave me alone.

Girl 1: no. You are too young.

Girl 2: I will be 9 in a week. Leave me alone.

Girl 2 takes the cream and stalks to her room. She applies the right amount of cream, much to her sister’s dismay.


My daughters are very close in age. I am scared of their behaviour once they hit adolescence and puberty. 😱

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