It started with a kiss

Falling into the depth of your green eyes; surrendering to the touch of your skin against mine; ecstasy – throbbing flesh; quivering flesh. The heat, the moans, arched backs. I inhale the essence of our love pouring out of every cell, crannies, nooks, and cracks.

You kissed the rain out of my head and the words out of my mouth.

You sucked the air right out of me and gave me a life’s breath.

You took nothing and made it our everything.

Every touch awakens me from my melancholy haze. Lost all sense of time; nights turn into days. The heavy scent of our lust engulfs us – shields us from the world. More. I want more of you in me. Harder, faster – strangled cries; and you are falling into the depth of my brown eyes.

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