Thoughts I have when I cannot sleep

  • Why do women never tell the woman sitting across from them that their make-up traveled from their eyes to their cheeks?
  • I drove too fast tonight, but the highways were empty – and I enjoyed speeding more than I should
  • I also sang at the top of my lungs
  • In my car
  • After midnight
  • I cannot sleep after a night like tonight – but only good things happened
  • This will be the first post in a week. I am not on a hiatus. I just don’t have anything to say
  • Am I happy? No. But I am content. And maybe that is more important
  • When I wear new mala beads (received new ones today), my wrist begins tingling, and heat spreads up my arm. It sounds weird, but it is my truth
  • I was called a hippie because I want my kids to be conscious people who see nature and their environment with open and critical eyes
  • Tonight, I learned that I am allergic to dogs as well. Swollen and itchy eyes. Stuffed nose for no reason. Another thing to add to my list
  • My cousin made dinner for me tonight – for the first time ever. And it was delicious.
  • I emptied my closet today. I threw many things away. I noticed that I only kept dark clothes.
  • I am having a week off work, but I can’t stop thinking about it because many things will be changing soon – like me working 36 hours/week for the next six weeks — paid overtime.
  • If I continue to edit and add to my book, it will be more than 300 pages long. #proud
  • I voted yesterday. Because we are obliged by law, but also because I believe that every vote matters.
  • If you don’t vote, you are not allowed to complain – you didn’t even try to change anything
  • I learned that I am a lazy parent. It is a concept. Read about it…
  • Whenever I need to introduce myself, it sounds like this: my name is Cathy, I am 36, a mom of three (14,10,8), and I work at a nursery.
  • I don’t know why people should like me, apart from the obvious reasons: I am awesome, and I am unique
  • Sometimes, I am a narcissist
  • I gave someone a gift wrapped in leftover paper from Christmas
  • On IG, someone read my poems (more than once) during a Livestream
  • I want to read my poems too, but my lisp and my accent are holding me back – I have a good voice though, sensual
  • Too many women are pregnant right now
  • I want a baby too! That is only half-true. I am very glad I am not having another baby.
  • My kids allow me a lot of freedom
  • I treated myself to a new tank top today. The price tag came with the following quote: “Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.” ― Haruki Marukami.
  • My mind is full
  • My mind is empty
  • And for everyone who wondered, all is well
  • I made the beds and shaved my legs… Most days, I lack the energy to do that.
  • My curiosity got the best of me, and now I am watching Dynasty, and I can’t stop, and there aren’t that many episodes left.
  • This post doesn’t make much sense
  • It makes a lot of sense
  • I am still here, still creating, still inspired by you
  • Hugs make everything better (but unfortunately, I don’t like to be touched – I don’t like the feeling)
  • The last song I listened to Otis Redding – that’s how strong my love is
  • The last person, I messaged: Robert
  • Where am I? In my bed.
  • Goodnight and thank you for diving into my mundane thoughts with me tonight.
  • 39
  • There is an owl near by. It is very loud.
  • 1:06 am
  • Be kind. Be grateful. 💜

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