Keep your love alive

I love my husband; I really do. For me, he is the best person there is. Patient, funny, and he has amazing green eyes. I feel safe with him, but free too. I have the freedom to be who I am and to find out who I want to be. I can explore likes and dislikes and even people, and I can talk about anything and everything with him. For him, I am an open book, I cannot lie to him, and I cannot keep secrets from him. Although I admit, I don’t tell him everything either. I fell in love with my husband 19 years ago. And I will never leave him by choice. I couldn’t imagine a life without him. Sometimes we are at a restaurant, talking and talking and laughing for hours, and we look at other couples staring at their mobile phones or not talking at all – we imagine how long they have been together.


I would love to share a picture of us, but I made a conscious decision long ago not to share pics of my family online. It is my choice to expose myself on this blog, not theirs.

Keep your love alive. 💜


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