As seen on IG

I saw the above on IG today… It describes me quite well.

I am an amazing woman. Intelligent, beautiful, sensual. But I am also full of doubts, anxiety, and depressive thoughts.

I am not strong – I am weak. A couple of months ago, someone said that I was weak and I was very insulted. He said that being emotional was weak. I disagree… I have weaknesses; being sensitive and emotional isn’t one of them.

I am moody. I am actually in a good place. I feel balanced, and yet, I started crying for no reason tonight. We should allow those moods, RA said. But it is hard when it feels that I am not normal.

Did you ever take a Myers-Briggs quiz? My results were INFP. (Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Perception (P) )Quite fitting, I think.

I am forgiving. And I tell everyone to embrace their emotions and their flaws. But I don’t allow myself the same.

Such an egocentrical post…

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