I will never be your woman

I am taking back the words that used to be just for you. I am taking back myself. You don’t control my emotions anymore. You are not real. You are a liar, a fraud. If they knew what I know, if they saw what I have seen, then they wouldn’t treat you like a god. Your secrets are safe with me though, don’t worry. Don’t come back. Don’t beg for me to come back. I promised forever, but you don’t want it anymore. You threw me away like a used toy. I understand. I accept it. I am relieved that you let me go. Surprisingly, I am not sad or hurt or disappointed. But, I will never be your Sweetie again. And you should be aware that you will never find a woman like me again.

(Either this could be added to the series of “letters to a stranger”, or it could be a new “writing note”… Fiction of course.)

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