Did you know? I published two paperback poetry collections this month.

Ever since, I feel as if I am getting my balance back. I did something that means a lot to me. I fulfilled my own dream instead of waiting for someone else to do it. And it feels amazing.

Although… I am a bad business woman. I don’t make money and I don’t advertise nearly enough. Instead, I ordered a bunch of copies of Unquiet Minds, and I am giving them away (for free). See? Bad business woman. I invite you to visit Amazon and buy your copy, or get in touch and we can figure something out. It is great poetry from the heart, and it looks great too. Promised.

So yes, I am way better than I was last month. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it more than you know.


8 thoughts on “20180726

  1. Hi, I found you via glynhockey, and I’m happy you are finding the pathway to publish your poems. I think all poets have a subconscious attachment to their poetry. A spiritual link which makes it hard for us to expect or accept money for our hard work. Maybe that is why you are giving your copies away? Just curious. Rose

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    1. Hello Rose. Very nice of you to get in touch. I do have reasons why I give my copies away. One is that I am insanely proud of holding a copy of my own writing in my hands and I want to share it with the world. At the same time, I am very self-aware and not very confident. My writing is good, but is it good enough to take money? And then of course, there is, as you mention the attachment to the words I wrote/write…


      1. Yes, I totally see where you are in giving those beautiful books away. The pride of accomplishment, its great. So how do you then promote your work? Today in the self publishing world of easy opportunity to publish, I believe the writer has to work extra hard to gain an income from their work. It seems all to hard, and totally impossible. I share my poems for free. I’ve used them to help the international push for the Parthenon Marbles to be returned to Greece , and also wrote a few for UNICEF and the Ebola crises. My wattpad world is full of my poems in all shapes of unfinished conditions. Mostly they lack the fine edit and are lost in cyber space, with no-one reading or commenting. I admire your accomplishment of getting your poems published in a real book. I hope to help you and actually buy a copy. Do you have them available in Australia or just in UK?

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        1. Wattpad and this blog, too, are filled with poems no one reads. I guess that’s the fate of modern poets. Lost in space. I don’t do enough promotion. I go on about the book on Twitter and Instagram, and shared it on Facebook too. But that is all.
          You mentioned the lack of fine edit, well, I feel the same about my poems, but it didn’t stop me, lol. They are rough around the edges and often written impulsively. I never stay with a poem for too long. Maybe that’s why they are so short.
          I ship Unquiet Minds worldwide, but it is on Amazon. Though, I believe that it is only available as an ebook in Australia. I am not sure why, though.


          1. Oh , a real book is better, seem more real to have your poems in a real book. That smell in the new way. The object that doesn’t need a machine nor electricity for you to take and read. I will just wait or get it shipped from UK. Thanks. Rose

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