Funny how people look at you and perceive you in a special way, yet you feel so very different on the inside.


If you are like me and prefer to have the real feel of a book, the smell, the way the pages feel under your fingers, then you might like to know that Writing Notes is available as a paperback book on Amazon.

Writing Notes – Paperback

This is the American link, but it is available Worldwide. It went live this morning, and to be honest, I don’t have my own copy yet… But don’t hesitate to get yours. Also… I know the writer, if you prefer to order a signed version. It will take a while longer to get to you, but it will be unique. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will figure it out together.

Much love to you,


For You.

And as my fingers tire from the constant typing, my thoughts drift to a safe place. The place that is inhabited inside of me, by you. I never hide for you, I forgot how to. It is scary to be vulnerable for someone new. But also, it is not, because this is you. There is no need to make this into something it is not, but I love you. And the longer I think about you, to more I realize that it is true.

Down under

Under my blanket

Under my skin

I promised to be careful

I promised to keep a distance

But you are making it hard

But you are making it so easy

And when I fall asleep, you are near

And when I wake up, you are near

Under my blanket

Under my skin

More thoughts about (self-publishing)

I have all these thoughts in my head that want out right away…

Self-Publishing on paperback is such a pain in my (extremely sexy) posterior. (Sex sells, right!?) I can remember now why I didn’t bother with my first attempts… But the prospect of holding a real book made of real paper in my hands, with my words inside and outside, with my handwriting on the cover… It makes up for the hassle. It really does. In about 72 hours my book will be available for your Kindle and next week it will be on Amazon to buy as a paperback.

Exciting times. Even more so when I think back to last week. Last week, I didn’t even think about publishing.

Once again, go buy or download this amazing book called “Writing Notes”.

One of the first reactions: “I love this. It touches the heart”



I see wonders in your eyes

I see a sunrise in your smile

Naked love


My book needed some revisions. I did that and took the opportunity to add a couple of pages to it. So… if you downloaded the sample, that changed. If you downloaded the book… it changed. If you bought the book, get in touch and I will get you a free download coupon.

Writing Notes on Smashwords
With the revisions made, the book will soon be available on amazon and other online retailers. Apparently, the formatting was botched…

Thank you so much for your support.

and remember to get in touch for a free download.


Thank you stranger

Thank you stranger for buying the first copy of Writing Notes off Smashwords. Soon, Writing Notes will be available in different other online stores. I will keep you updated about that.

Thank you all for your support. Often, I don’t feel good enough for this. But I am.

Also… Like a very special friend pointed out, I am a professional writer now, thanks to being paid. Exciting times.


So… Today I did something quite impulsive… I published a book. It is pay what you want and if you are a regular reader you might have seen this or that entry before. But… I would love it if you took a look. The book is pay what you want. If you can, give a little change, if you don’t, please just share the book with your friends.

I am excited and freaking out at the same time.

Here are the links.

Catherine Micqu’s Smashwords Author Profile:

Writing Notes:


PS: it’s National Day in Luxembourg. We are celebrating our Grand-Duke’s birthday.