plan for the day

Let’s pull the sheets up over our heads…
Let me lick the sweat off your skin…
Let your hands memorize my nooks and folds and crannies…
Let’s make love hard and fast and slow and sensual…
Let us forget that there is a world outside…
… how about that?

Now this… this was subtle erotica 😉

who am I?

These are my flaws
And those are my qualities.
These are my words
And those are my thoughts.
This is how you perceive me
And that is how I really am.

Who am I to you?
When I’m not lonely…
Who am I to you?
When I feel sensual…
Who am I to you?
When I am happy…
Who am I to you?
When I’m not mysterious…
One of a few?

ask me gently

Ask for my hand, I want your fingers wrapped around mine.
Ask for my kiss, I want your breath mingled with mine.
Ask for my soul, I will sell it too you and give you everything that used to be mine.


Someone said that this was subtle erotica… made me smile because it has not been written as such, but it could be read as such… and I never tire to say that reading is a subjective experience. xx

no more shelter

I want to take shelter in your arms

in their safety and your calm.

I want to hide from reality

and still see with clarity.

Don’t let us end like this

we had more than a myth.

I can feel you in my dreams

and I don’t know what it means.

Spare one thought for your favourite sinner

while your memories of me are growing thinner.

I never want you to forget me

and I don’t want you to set me free.

I needed you to be my forever

and now, you will be my never ever…


There are forgotten embers of our love inside my heart. And I am afraid that one tiny spark of you will ignite the flames and burn me.
The problem with fire and flames is, that their licks hurt and their touch leave scars that can’t be healed.

passion? obsession?

Passion? Obsession? It doesn’t matter.

In the end we will fade like the stars at the break of dawn.

We will stay memories written in the sand.

An experience. Nothing more. Nothing of substance.

I will be no one to you and you will be a stranger for me.

Just the way we were all these moons and moans ago.

open your eyes

​If you close your eyes in bright daylight, the darkness is just an illusion.

If you open your eyes in the dark, you cannot see the light.

Open your eyes at the right time of day to see.

under a different sun

​Under a different sun, our love would not be a fantasy written in ink and spilled on pages of a book.

Under a different sun, our love would be kisses under the stars and sweating bodies between messy sheets.