And then she sucked the light out of him,
Brushed the smile off his lips like residual lipstick.
Smeared traces of lust turning into a grimace.
She thought she knew the right words to share,
Maybe she has used them all up in her sleep?
No more sounds to save the dulling spark.
Defeated lioness. Caged by her thoughts.
She made them more than they really deserved to be.
Sucked into the blackened nothingness,
She tried to cling to her saviour’s presence,
But in doing so,
She sucked the light out of him too.

the river

Walking down the river where we lost our love in the wild currents.
Heavy and cold from the water, it was pulled under.
We tried to grab it, but we couldn’t hold on and we gave up.
We saw it float away, waving goodbye as it smashed against a rock.
A river filled with drowning memories and cooling emotions swallowed the last of our passion and replaced it with despair.


If you touch me, I will forget who I am and I will fall apart into tiny little pieces of myself. I will drown in the tears that flow freely out of my eyes until they disintegrate me. 

don’t give up

If I give up
My existence was in vain.
If I sink
My body will be covered in mud.

If I give up
I lose every fight I won
If I float
My body will drown.

If I give up
I fail.

And whenever I stop to dream
I remember your words.
Whenever I am about to give up
I don’t want to disappoint you.

If I keep fighting
I will be stronger
If I keep being focused
I won’t give up.

a memory

All that is left of you is
A memory
Reminders everywhere
The safety net you provide
is broken and frayed
Now I am

I miss you.
Just a word
Not the same anymore
365 pages, all for you
Countless more are still unwritten
A memory
All that is left of you.

see? I’m still here

Close your eyes
Count to ten.
Release a breath.
Open your eyes.

I am still here.

Trust me.
Count backwards.
Hold a breath.
Open your eyes.

I am still here.

Walk with me.
Let me hold your hand.
Just a little longer.
Or forever, whatever you need, my friend.

pieces of us

The fragments that make you a whole are pouring into me.
Where we are joined and become one, our souls blend in.
Your flaws become my flaws.
Your thoughts become my thoughts.
Your moans power my moans.
Our bond became unbreakable with you between my thighs.
You are the pieces that complete me, and in turn I fill the gaps in your heart with me.

the way we were

all the pretty things we were
and everything we laid out bare.
all the words we whispered
and the thoughts we feared.
an explosion of emotions
explaining all our motions.
the routine of being us
not caring about the fuss.
I feel safe with you behind these walls
and know that you damped my falls.
there is so much love I feel for you
I know, it is nothing new.
I love everything we share,
because that’s part of the way we always were.