one last breath

She runs through the night, heavy footsteps following her. Her lungs are burning and her legs are slowing down. Her breath puffs out between her lips in visible clouds. Panic is all she can feel. And cold. Icy cold that spreads inside her body. The footsteps come closer. She keeps running. Panting. It’s quiet in the dark. She can only hear his steps. Her own steps. The blood in her ears. Please, please. Please! She whispers. She prays that someone will stop the demon behind her, but the cold in her heart lets her know that she will not be saved. Her soul is lost. Rotting. Decaying. Turning to dust. She will be forgotten. Erased from this earth. She rounds a corner, slipping on the moist pavement. She struggles to get her feet under her body again. Eyes wide, she sees him. He isn’t running anymore. Like a predator he comes closer. Her body doesn’t belong to her anymore. It doesn’t follow her orders, and when he kneels in front of her, with his long cold fingers around her throat she looks in his dark eyes. Like obsidian. A dark abyss. Beautiful. Beguiling. The hand closes tighter and the breathing air becomes less. Please, don’t let me die are her last thoughts before the world fades. Blood runs down her throat from his sharp claws. The demon lets go of her and pushes angry tears of his face.
I had to do it. He bares his fangs and with gusto, he buries them where his claws have left a bloody wound.
The heat leaves her body as one last breath, one last puff of air, is pushed through her lips. He stills his hunger. His thirst and feels the energy of the young woman running through his veins. But he wants more. He needs more. He lets go of the pale body and gets up. She was his first for this night. Growling, he pulls his fangs in again. A deep sigh escapes his lips as he turns to leave. One last look at his prey and the peaceful way she looks. If he could only feel the same serenity. If his tormented soul could only find peace.

and then there are the things that happen for no reason. just because they felt right.