This is me. I can’t believe the strange thoughts and weird words I sometimes write, but I do. And I am proud of that. I can’t say that I have many talents, but I can write. (if I don’t bury my words under tons of typos). Anyway, I am not here to rant or to pull myself down. Not today.

I think, I changed. I haven’t eaten any carbohydrates in over a week and I only drank a glass of wine once. Although it doesn’t show on the outside, I feel change within. It’s nice and right now, I can say without a doubt, that I am happy.

I whisper your name. Over and over again.
Give me pleasure. Make me forget my pain.
The fantasy of you between my legs,
it makes me the one who begs.
I know what you want, and I know what you need.
I think I am dying from this heat.

Let me give it to you.
Let those fantasies become true
I only take my own pleasure in return.
F… you are making me burn.
I will not ask for anything more.
Oh, sweetie of this, I am sure.

You make me feel like no one ever did.
Come to me in a bit.
All those forbidden words
Moreover, mine are becoming slurred
And the lines are forever blurred.
Oh baby, what do you do to me
I never felt this free.

F…ing hell, keep doing this
And let me taste your sloppy kiss.
I lose the ability to think
How many times did you bring me to the brink?
Come sweetie. Baby. I want it all.
I promise. I will not let you fall.

I love you; I love you. I love you!
When you are doing this to me, these words are true.


Equinox (September 23rd 2015)


I like to watch sunrises. It’s just a beautiful thing and when it is particularly beautiful and when it feels particularly magic, I take a pic. Two days ago was such a morning. I didn’t remembered that it was equinox until a Twitter follower pointed it out. Some times, I am ignorant in my quest for beauty and inspiration.


the right moment in time

Reason ceased to exist
Tears hurt my eyes
But they don’t fall.
It’s not their time.

I am imploding
Thoughts on my sleeve
But they never make sense.
It’s not their time.

I move in circles
Close my eyes and open them again.
I can’t find the right way to move on.
Not the right time.

We don’t make sense
And we don’t belong anywhere.
I can’t speak words, yet they scream in my head.
It’s not their time.

I turned you down last night
Did I turn my back on a good thing?
Would you believe me if I told the truth?
Is it that time yet?