Fragmented Thoughts

Fragile is the construct of our thoughts mindlessly thrown into the world.
Thoughts are like ashes blown away in the wind.
Some fragments will vanish into oblivion, others will pile up just in front of our door.
If we aren’t careful enough to hide our unpopular thoughts, we might just trip over them and we will end with bruises.
So maybe, just maybe, we – or should I say I, should build a cage to emprison those stray words. To spare us and them the hurt. Put them behind a high security fence that no one can breach.
Those who do not think never ask inconvenient questions. But if I don’t ask and voice my thoughts, I can’t find a way out of the dark.

Book of the Month

This is the thing that made me proudest recently. For some it is not much, for me it is a way to show every doubter and everyone who looks at me condescendingly when I say what I do in my spare time, that there are people who like it. And that I am actually not bad at what I am doing.
You see, I don’t really have the support of my family. They don’t understand why I write about homosexual men and they don’t understand why I write in English and not in German or French, or even in Luxembourgish. So, what they like to do is take a look at what I do and smile that condescending smile, brush it away as being a phase and don’t even ask further questions.
I deserve this. Book of the month. It might not be my best book. Not in the least, but it is acknowledged. And that means the world to me.

Writing is the biggest part of me, right next after being a mother and a wife. I love it and it is my passion and I will not stop until my fingers are too tired to write and my mind is too tired to spin new stories.

I wish you a good weekend.